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A full circle design, implementation, maintenance, and support of web applications and websites. You can entrust us with the creation of your online presence.

  • Fully functional e-commerce platforms
  • Multi-user portals
  • Interactive educational sites
  • Static pages
  • Search Engine Friendly Sites - SEO

Design and development of the user interface. We handle all the aspects of how a user interacts with your website visually and its response. Skilled in a variety of programming languages we create visually appealing websites and web-based applications with various degrees of complexity, in line with your brand aesthetic and voice.

  • Graphic Design
  • Contact forms
  • Search functionality
  • Real time interaction
  • Content management systems

For most web apps we typically create a consistent and well-documented API to help the frontend and other involved users interact with it with ease.

Python Django/Flask

Our favourite go-to tools for developing websites and web-based apps. Benefit from our proven track record of building complex web apps based on Python with either Django or Flask. In line with recent trends, we are gradually moving towards a light backend implemented in Flask and a frontend executed in Vuejs/Nuxtjs

Telegram Bots

With their hundreds of potential functionalities, Telegram Bots are our team's favorite. Their use can benefit companies within every industry. Discuss the desired functionality with a member of our team.

  • Send notifications or updates between teams or users
  • Share content and links with followers
  • Provide customer support
  • Conduct market research
  • Send transactional messages
Email Integration

Integrate with different email providers to send transactional or cluster messages according to the operational needs of your organization.

Crypto Payments integrations

Move with the tide and join a host of businesses that have enabled crypto payments. Setup of seamless integration with your existing systems or have us evaluate and execute the necessary improvements.

PayPal Integration

Customizable PayPal payment solution development, tailored to your business' needs and specific requirements

Stripe Integration

Need to accept card payments? One of the easiest ways is to integrate with Stripe. It handles the payment processing to your own bank account. Stripe is available in the EU, USA, the UAE, and a host of other countries and territories. Access a complete list of supported countries and currencies here.

Zendesk Integration

Zendesk facilitates your customer support’s interaction with your client base. Ensure high-quality customer experience and greater retention rates by integrating your system and streamlining your processes with Zendesk. Make the most of its functionality by entrusting us with the creation of a custom built solution.

Go / Golang

We have expertise using Go to develop both backend and small tools running on a variety of servers. We enjoy developing in Go however, our experience indicates that Python is optimal for larger scale systems while Go shines when smaller, independent services need to be deployed independently of Operation Systems (OS).

Docker / Docker-Compose

Most of our software runs on Docker Compose. All our development is done inside docker-compose enabling us to identify and reproduce bugs with ease.

Static Site Generators / SSG / Jamstack

Many times a Static Site Generator can replace a complex system and help ensure uptime, SEO-friendliness, and affordable running costs. A SSG is typically able to run uninterrupted for years without maintenance after the initial development and launch phases. The tradeoff is that making the site more dynamic becomes harder to achieve. We’ve had success using Python Melican, GoHugo, and Nuxtjs for static sites with either custom or Contentful integrations to enable easy content editing.


Vue is a framework and ecosystem that covers most of the common features needed in frontend development. But the web is extremely diverse - the things we build on the web may vary drastically in form and scale. With that in mind, Vue is designed to be flexible and incrementally adoptable. Depending on your use case, Vue can be used in different ways:

  • Enhancing static HTML without a build step
  • Embedding as Web Components on any page
  • Single-Page Application (SPA)
  • Fullstack / Server-Side-Rendering (SSR)
  • Jamstack / Static-Site-Generation (SSG)
  • Targeting desktop, mobile, WebGL or even the terminal
Other integrations

Over the course of our operation, we have completed too many integrations to list. Depending on your project’s specific needs we can integrate with any available tool imaginable.

Usually we evaluate if they provide the required value to the client and try to reduce the complexity of the service by implementing a custom made light version ourselves in order to optimize the budget. In the event that the client requires a more complex functionality, where ongoing support is essential and an existing tool proves to be the optimal choice, we execute a seamless integration.

Our Expertise

We identify your specific IT needs and meet them at any given stage of the project's development.

We conceptualize IT


You define the goal, we'll help you determine the means to achieve it. Thanks to the team’s wide scope of qualifications, brainstorming is our second nature. We draw from extensive experience and knowledge to provide you with expert guidance. Prior to the initial concept development, we assess your business's needs and help you identify the optimal IT solutions to meet them.

  • Staying up to date with industry developments
  • Asking the right questions
  • Challenging established assumptions
  • Looking beyond the obvious solutions
  • Fostering a creative work culture
We plan IT


Help you create a structured roadmap aligned with your project's objectives, available resources, and time limitations. We translate your vision into a tangible step-by-step course of action by:

  • Defining the ultimate goals
  • Identifying the required skillset and technical resources
  • Providing a financial estimation
  • Establishing realistic milestones to track progress
We envision IT


We routinely collaborate with forward-thinking designers and content creators, ready to facilitate the specification of even the most challenging projects. We outline what the client can expect from the completed deliverable consisting of:

  • Visual design concept
  • Complete set of functionality
  • Content and localization
We optimize IT's cost


Help you set optimal financial allocations for enhanced IT performance. Taking into account the long-term business objectives of your organization, prioritizing becomes easier. We transparently outline the individual funding requirements associated with the key components of your project including, but not limited to:

  • Technical staff compensation
  • Software related expenditure (Backup, Licenses, Renewals etc.)
  • Cloud Services
  • Routine Maintenance Costs
We make IT happen


Typically the most vital stage of any collaboration, it involves putting the project plan into action. We directly manage the process of transforming your ideas into reality. Effective project management involves the monitoring of the team’s performance and deliverables. We take an agile approach to implementation, adjusting to shifts in status and requirements in stride:

  • Maintain project schedule
  • Analyze ongoing project output
  • Manage workload
  • Make timely adjustments
  • Assess feedback
  • Follow up
We keep IT running


Depending on whether you just need to keep-the-lights-on or innovate your already functioning solution, we are here to provide you with the necessary resources. In an effort to keep existing IT systems running at peak capacity, we:

  • Perform complete assessment
  • Provide software support
  • Execute routine system updates
  • Run platform migration
  • Perform database management
We run IT


We provide you with reliable and secure solutions to store and access your websites and user data to ensure no downtime or damaging service interruptions. Selecting a professional hosting service ensures the smooth performance of your solution. It affords business executives the peace of mind that their products and services are always accessible to their client base.


Reach out Reach out to a member of our team for a commitment-free consultation and we will do our best to respond to all of your project-specific queries.
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What are the conditions if we wish to end our contractual agreement before the completion of the project?
We work hard to provide top-quality service, but understand that sometimes external factors can influence a business collaboration. Each contract termination request will be addressed individually. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that we place the maintenance of great client relationships above any financial gain.
How can I obtain information regarding projects you’ve completed in my specific industry and technological challenges resembling mine?
to a member of our team for a consultation and we’d happily discuss with you all prior relevant experience.
How many professionals will you assign to my project and will they be dedicated?
Depending on your individual project needs we will jointly determine the range of skillsets required and the anticipated workload. We favour having a core team consisting of essential personnel. A typical project requires a full-time front-end developer and a part/full-time back-end developer which are typically dedicated. At the beginning of the project, if required we often have a designer on-boarded to help with the theme and specification of the project.
Do you have established remote work practices in place?
We work fully remotely and have done so since the creation of Umbellar in 2018. Our multinational team has developed a functioning system enabling optimal productivity based on open communication, effective project management, and diligent internal reporting practices.
How do you ensure the technical resources dedicated to my project possess the required knowledge and experience?
We actively scout talent and look way beyond a framed diploma to ensure the qualifications of all our team members. Their skills and expertise are routinely put to the test and facilitated through participation in reputable IT-related seminars, training courses, and workshops.
Will there be a primary point of contact for the project?
Depending on the level of involvement you prefer, you may either routinely meet with your project lead or conduct status meetings attended by the entire team dedicated to your project.
Will I be able to vet the team dedicated to my project, before signing a contract?
Naturally! We believe it is essential to establish a level of rapport before commencing work on a joint project.
What is your geographic coverage?
We are a multinational team consisting of professionals working remotely from different parts of Europe. We are able to service clients effectively regardless of their geographical location.
What is the contingency plan if a technical resource leaves your firm or becomes unavailable?
We strive to create a great work environment, hence we rarely lose any team members unexpectedly. Though certainly an inconvenience, losing a team member is not a permanent roadblock. The team lead is usually a senior developer able to take over the additional workload until a new team member can be assigned to your project.
How often can I meet with my project lead? Do the meetings occur live, or via a conference call?
The status report meetings take place via online conference calls and we recommend weekly or bi-monthly check-ins. Nevertheless, we are ready to adjust our processes accordingly, if you prefer a greater level of involvement and more frequent updates. In addition, we conduct daily status meetings internally to actively guide the project development and ensure the team members’ deliverables are met within a timely manner.
Will you provide training and documentation to my team as part of the task?
Using the services of an IT consultancy can either replace or supplement the role of your in-house IT team. If requested, we commit to providing practical training and instructional materials in the form of recorded tutorials to your in-house staff members and administrative support personnel.
Can I obtain a time estimate for the completion of my project?
Every project comes with its own set of unique challenges and we can only provide you with an accurate estimate upon assessment of the requirements and objectives.
Are you compensated directly by any vendor that may have involvement in the completion of the project?
We try to avoid third-party involvement by simply using standardized products that we are not affiliated with. In the cases when this is unavoidable and we happen to be financially associated with a vendor, we commit to full disclosure.
Are you able to combine remote work with optimal efficiency?
From its very inception Umbellar has been operating remotely allowing for greater flexibility, a larger talent pool and an improved sense of well-being of our team members. We have had years of experience perfecting our processes to ensure optimal productivity and quality output.
Can I communicate with your team in any other language apart from English?
Our common language is English, and everyone on our team is required to have an adequate level of English to execute their duties seamlessly. Apart from English, we have the possibility to serve clients in Danish, Ukrainian, Russian, and Bulgarian.
Our customers love what we do
Dont take our word for it. Trust our customers. Trusted by more than 30 customers across the globe.
We had a really good experience with Umbellar. We were glad that they were able to step in, on a very short notice, to assist us with our project, to help an enterprise customer with their customer service. It was a pleasure working with you, thank you!
Rasmus Kjeldgaard
Senior Solution Consultant

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